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HMI2 for Continuous Level Controls

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Two sensor networks with a capacity of 16 sensors each (32 total) are provided to
communicate with the “Smart” RS-485 versions of SiloPatrol® SMU SE cable-based level sensors, RadarRight(TM )non-contact level sensors and/or the Flexar® guided wave radar sensors.
Calculate and display values for level, volume, weight and percent with data input from the user
Enhanced volume and weight calculations have the ability to include the additional
amount of material contained in the roof sections of steep silo roofs below the sensor mounting location
Automatic, Manual or Auto/Manual operating modes provide versatility for SMU SE
Displays real-time measurement updates provided by Flexar sensors
Set-up parameters for Flexar can be modified using the HMI2
Built-in 16 point strapping table
Flexible display of data in English or Metric units including feet, meters, pounds, kilograms, cubic feet, cubic meters, U.S./British bushels, gallons,
liters, tons, metric tonnes
Programmable 12-character alphanumeric name for labeling vessel contents.
Unique back-lit display ensures visibility in low light conditions
Universal AC power supply accepts 100-240V AC power
Controls analog outputs and/or relay outputs when using the optional Auxiliary Output Enclosure - AOE (Click Here)
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HMI2 Operator Interface Control Console

The multi-functional HMI2 controls level sensor operations, displays measured and calculated data and performs/displays system and sensor diagnostic messages via two separate RS-485 communication networks. The HMI2 operator interface control console provides convenient, local interface for Monitor’s “Smart” RS-485 SiloPatrol® SMU SE cable-based inventory monitoring sensors, RadarRight(TM) non-contact radar level sensors and/or Flexar® guided wave radar level sensors. HMI2 allows for monitoring up to 32 SMU SE, RadarRight and/or Flexar sensors.

The HMI2 display screen can be easily switched to view calculated level, volume, weight or percent in addition to the basic distance measurement. The HMI2 can be programmed to operate the SMU SE “Smart” RS-485 sensors automatically, manually or allow for both. Menu options allow the user to select days of SMU SE operation (such as Mon.-Fri.), time window (such as 7 a.m.-3 p.m.) and measurement interval (minimum 30 minutes). Flexar’s measurements are updated automatic.

The built-in 16 point strapping table can be used to produce volumetric or gravimetric calculated
readings if the dimensions of a vessel cannot be determined or the vessel is of an irregular shape.

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HMI2 Ordering Information

Part #
HMI2, 32 Channels (2 Networks), 100-240VAC


HMI2 Accessories

Part #, Description
6-4011, Wall Mounting Bracket (Set of 4)

R0514-22001, Belden® 9322 RS-485 communication cable
(Overall Beldfoil® Shield - 100% Coverage, PVC Insulation, Chrome PVC Jacket, Nominal OD is .201” [ 5.10mm]) 1

1. R0514-22001 cable is not for plenum installations.
Consult local electrical codes and verify compliance before installing.



HMI2 Specifications

Power Requirements:

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:

6VA max

Ambient Operating Temperature:

-4° F to 131° F (-20° C to 55° C)

Sensor Communication:

RS-485 half-duplex, non-isolated, proprietary protocol


Two 16-channel networks (32 channels total)


2 lines, 20 characters per line, 0.22” x 0.12” characters, LCD backlight


20 keys


8 LEDs (function, relay, error status)


Painted Aluminum

Overall Dimensions (HxWxD):

6.29” x 10.23” x 3.54”
(160mm X 260mm X 90mm)


CE Mark



HMI2 Mechanicals

HMI2 Drawing

Auxiliary Output Enclosure (AOE)


A unique feature of the SiloPatrol® SE or Flexar® Inventory Management Systems is the ability to incorporate both relay and analog outputs with a standard "smart" output sensor system. These auxiliary relay and/or analog outputs are provided in optional Auxiliary Output Enclosures (AOE) and are programmed and controlled by either the HMI2 or SiloTrack™ PC-based Inventory Management Software.

One analog output and up to four relays (two for HMI2; four for SiloTrack) can be assigned to each of the “smart” output sensors. These can be used to tie the Inventory Management System into remote control systems, sound alarms and for local control functions.

Up to 16 analog outputs or 32 relays can be provided within a single enclosure. Up to four AOE’s can be connected on a single network. The AOE can be located close to the point of hardwiring termination minimizing wiring and installation costs.

AOE Ordering Info


2-Card AOE



AOE Specifications


Power Requirements:

115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption:

25 VA max

Operating Temperature:

-4° to +131°F (-20° to +55°C)


RS-485 half-duplex, isolated, proprietary protocol

Analog Outputs:

4-20mA, 16 max, 4 per card, non-isolated, 500 ohm max loop resistance, 10 bit resolution, zero/span set via HMI/SiloTrack™

Relay Outputs:

SPST, 5A @ 250 VAC, 32 max, 8 per card, visual LED per relay, assignment and action set via HMI/SiloTrack™


Painted aluminum

Overall Dimensions

2-Card: 11.02 x 9.05 x 4.33 in
(280 X 230 X 110 mm)
4-Card: 15.74 x 9.05 x 4.33 in
(400 X 230 X 110 mm)

Enclosure Rating:

NEMA 4; IP66


CE Mark


Monitor Technologies LLC warrants each HMI2 and AOE it manufactures to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service within two (2) years from the date of purchase. The purchaser must give notice of any defect to Monitor within the warranty period, return the product intact and prepay transportation charges. The obligation of Monitor Technologies LLC under warranty is limited to repair or replacement at its factory. This warranty shall not apply to any product which is repaired or altered outside of the Monitor Technologies LLC factory, or which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, incorrect wiring by others or improper installation.
Monitor Technologies LLC reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications without prior notice.





Mass Flow Measurement Systems
The QuantiMass in-line mass flow sensor measures the flow of quantities in pneumatic conveying & free-falling processes. The sensor is based on the latest Microwave Doppler Effect technology and provides fast, in-line / on-line measuring without the use of weight scales.
The sturdy, non-intrusive design of the sensor minimizes maintenance. In addition, the compact size of the sensor makes for easy installation into existing processes. Suitable for powders, dust, pellets, and granular up to 0.75 inch (2cm).

Ultra Series-Includes controller
PRO Series-Includes transmitter

A practical application for the QuantiMass would be to monitor material flow rates to verify blending mixture ratios.

Principle of Operation:
The QuantiMass Mass Flow Measurement Sensor / Meter is designed with the latest microwave technology and is used to continuously quantify the flow of powders & solids being conveyed in metallic pipes. The QuantiMass is based on technology that has been developed and proven over several years. The measurement process of the sensor is centered on the Doppler effect. The mass flow-rate is determined by evaluating the frequency and amplitude changes during the measurement process. Particles at rest, such as deposits, do not influence the measurement. All powders, dust, pellets and granules can be measured reproducibly, up to the size of 0.75 inch (2cm). The QuantiMass sensor is suitable for continuous in-line / on-line measurements in pneumatic conveying or in free-fall pipelines.

Click here for more information on the QuantiMass
or contact Monitor Technologies LLC at
Tel.: 800-601-6319 in the USA and
Tel.: 630-365-9403 worldwide.
>>Download QuantiMass Ultra Bulletin

>>Download QuantiMass PRO Bulletin

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