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SiloTrackTM Cloud web-based application places inventory management at your fingertips! Securely access bin and silo material inventory data from continuous level sensors using any device with Internet connection. Set level alarms and receive e-mail and text notifications. Create & export configurable reports for accounting purposes and to improve inventory efficiencies. Ideal for Remote Managed Inventory (RMI) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions.

Remote Inventory Web-Based Application

Features and Advantages:

Flexible Remote Inventory Management
Access real-time material inventory data from any device that has
an Internet connection.
Intuitive, flexible and powerful graphical user interface.
Manage multiple locations with multiple silos / bins / vessels.
Control user permissions through secured login profiles.

Inventory Information at Your "Fingertips"!

View distance, level, volume, weight, percentage and ullages (empty space) for silos.
See multiple silos on one screen. Filter to see only specific locations or silos.
Set level alarms and monitor sensor status... Configure e-mail and text notifications.
Create, save and generate configurable reports.
Automatically e-mail reports to specific users. (Facility Manager, Dispatcher, etc.)
Access historical data to create trends, improve inventory / procurement efficiencies.
Provides employee safety...reduces frequency staff have to climb vessel.

Secure and Reliable Communications
Data is secure and encrypted.
Connection from Gateway(s) to the Cloud-based server can be either through cellular or Ethernet. (Consult factory regarding International cellular)

SiloTrack Colud Tile View
View multiple silos at one time.
SiloTrack Cloud Overview Screen
See overview & history of a silo.

Why Remote Inventory Management with SiloTrack Cloud

Webinar Description:

Take the guesswork out of material inventory levels with continuous level sensors and a web-based inventory management app. Discussion on the benefits provided by using a remote inventory management system like SiloTrack Cloud.

Topics Include:
Overview of remote inventory management and continuous level sensors
Benefits of remote inventory management
Why SiloTrack Cloud Web-based inventory management app...Securely access real-time material inventory data & customizable reports anytime from any device that has an Internet connection.

Link to View Webinar Recording:

Silotrack(TM) CLoud
Inventory Management web-based Application

Principle of Operation



Ordering Information

Options Mechanical Drawing (Gateway)

Support Documents:

Product Sheet-#393T
Application Questionnaire-#396A, Account Info
Application Questionnaire-#396B, Location Info
Application Questionnaire-#396C, Silo/Sensor Info
Gateway Manual - As of May 2020
SiloTrack Cloud Terms of Service


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Principle of Operation

SiloTrack™ CLOUD Inventory Management System is a web-based application that provides users with an unmatched, flexible user interface from any device with Internet access for Monitor’s “Smart” RS-485 (Modbus) continuous level sensors. SiloTrack™ CLOUD allows for monitoring up to 32 sensors per Gateway including the SiloPatrol® SMU cable-based sensors and/or Monitor’s RadarRight™ non-contact radar sensors. The silo and bin sensor data collected through the cloud-based server can be accessed at any time from any place to view current status, review history and create reports to optimize material inventory management.

Cloud-Based Remote Inventory Management



Ideal for Remote Managed Inventory / Vendor Managed Inventory (RMI / VMI) solutions.

Optimize frequency of deliveries & transportation costs.

Receive timely material inventory levels from anywhere.

Does not require the installation of software on your computers (i.e. "no code on the client").

Access data history and create customizable reports to share information across functional departments.

Interface for Monitor's continuous level sensors (SiloPatrol, RadaRight).

Typical Applications include, but are not limited to:



Bulk Chemicals




Carbon Black

Coal Dust

Some Liquids

Fly Ash




PVC Powder






Universal 85-265VAC or 24VDC Operating Voltage (Gateway)
Standard or High Gain Antenna (Gateway)
Cellular or Ethernet Connectivity (Gateway) - Consult factory regarding International Cellular.
WirelessEZ Communication Interface (radio modem) can be used to replace the RS-485 wiring between level sensors & the Gateway

Using the available WirelessEZ interface in your application may help you reduce the installed cost of your SiloTrack™ & continuous level system even further. The WirelessEZ transceivers use frequency-hopping spread-spectrum wireless technology and operate in the FCC license-free 900MHz band. This provides the longest range and most reliable wireless communications available. Working in conjunction with SiloTrack™ inventory management software, the WirelessEZ transceivers provide the most functional and economical inventory management system available today.

Click here for more details on the WirelessEZ and contact our technical support personnel today to see if your application can benefit from a wireless communications solution.

Wireless EZ Level Control


Mechanical Drawing, Gateway

SiloTrack Cloud Gateway Drawing
Dimensions are shown in inches with millimeter equivalent in brackets unless otherwise stated.

SiloTrack Cloud Gateway SiloTrack Cloud Gateway - Inside
Durable Gateway for wireless or Ethernet connection to the Cloud-based server.

Ordering Information

SiloTrack Cloud Ordering Information




SiloTrackTM CLOUD Gateway

Power Requirements
AC: 115-230VAC ± 15%, 50/60 Hz
DC: 24VDC ± 15%

Power Consumption
AC: 70W
(1.5A max @ 115VAC)
DC: 18W max

AUX 24VDC Output: 1.7A max ( AC Version Only)

Ambient Operating Temp: -30° F to 149° F (-34° C to 65° C)

Sensor Communication: RS-485 half-duplex, non-isolated,
Modbus RTU protocol

Sensor Channels: One (1) 32-channel network
(32 channels total)

Cellular Wireless LTE CAT 4:
[LTE - North America (M5)]
Interface: 700(B12,13)/850(B5)/AWS(B4)/1900(B2)
3G HSPA+: 850/1900 MHz
Transfer rate (max):
150 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up


Emissions / Immunity: CE, FCC Part 15 Class B, AS/NZS
CISPR 22, EN55024, EN55022 Class B

Indicators: 7 LEDs
(Power, Service, WWAN, 3x Signal
Strength, User Programmable)

Enclosure Material: PBT / PC

Enclosure (HxWxD): 12” x 8” x 6.4"
(305mm x 203mm x 163mm)

Environmental Protect: ENCLOSURE TYPE 4X, IP65

Approvals: UL Listed (Power Supply & Router)


SiloTrack(TM) CLOUD Application

Device Operating System
: Designed to work with most operating systems
such as Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android

Device Browser Requirement: Designed to work with most Internet browsers
such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Edge

Export File Format: .csv

Windows® is a registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
Android(TM) is a trademark of Google Inc.
Modbus(TM) is a trademark of Schneider Electric / Modicon



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