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December 2010: Binatrol® Diaphragm Level Switch
Optional Hycar® Protective Cover Enhances Durability of Diaphragm Level Switch

Binatrol Diaphragm Level SwitchOptional Hycar Cover

Elburn, IL - The optional Hycar® (rubber nitrile) cover is designed to provide Monitor Technologies' Binatrol® Model G series diaphragm level switch with additional durability for use with more abrasive dry materials. The Binatrol diaphragm level switch is a reliable, low maintenance and cost-effective way to monitor high, low and intermediate levels of powder and bulk solids in storage bins, hoppers, silos, and vessels. The diaphragm level switch can also be used to detect plugged or backed-up conveyor chutes for some applications.
The Binatrol® is a surface mounted, minimally intrusive switch that makes it ideal for vessels limited in size or internal clearance. The Binatrol is installed to allow its sensing diaphragm to be exposed to the material being detected.  Bulk material contacting the unit transfers force to an internal lever arm assembly, which than causes the dry contact SPDT 15 Amp switch to be activated. Common material applications for the Binatrol include grain, seed, wood chips, sawdust, cement, powders, resins, pellets and more. Monitor offers a variety of diaphragm bin level indicators that can be configured with various switch sensitivities, diaphragm materials and approval ratings.  Also, the Binatrol diaphragm switch requires no input power. For more details, please visit www.monitortech.com , e-mail monitor@monitortech.com or call 1-800-601-6165 / 1-630-365-9403.

For more information on diaphragm level switches please visit: http://www.monitortech.com/product_p_diapr.shtml

Monitor Technologies LLC, located in Elburn, Illinois, is a leading manufacturer of level measurement instrumentation, solids flow indicators, particle emission monitors and aeration devices for the worldwide powder and bulk solids markets. The experience and market knowledge gained over 50 years of business has earned Monitor a reputation for providing high quality and reliable product solutions backed with trusted customer service. For more information please visit www.monitortech.com.


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