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Dust Emission Trend Monitor

The Dust TrendTM ES provides continuous dust / particulate trend measurements that allow plant operators to identify changes in dust / particulate emission levels and optimize the facility's filtration systems. Also provides early dust leak detection for baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector system. The sensor uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement. The "ES" stands for Easy Set-up since you simply press a button to enable the automatic calibration.

Features and Advantages:

Easy Set-up and Calibration...Set it and forget it!
The easy auto set-up function is activated by pressing a button to automatically establish a “clean air baseline”, scale the 4-20 mA output range and set the alarms.
Quick-connect mounting provides for ease of installation or maintenance.

Process Optimization
4-20 mA output and/or enhanced Modbus communications available as standard.
Provides continuous trend measurements that allow plant operators to identify changes in dust emission levels and optimize the facility's filtration systems.
Monitor the efficiency of dust collection systems and know the optimal time to replace filters.
Monitor for unexpected events that can cost time, money, material loss, equipment damage and other problems.

Digital Communications and Software Capabilities
Digital RS-485(Modbus) connection as an alternative to analog / relay outputs and/or for connecting multiple sensors to one control system.
Connect with the free DustConfigTM software to set custom alarm points, view live activity within the duct, or review data history for up to a 24-hour period.

Exceptional and Reliable Sensitivity
Uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement.
Capable of detecting minute amounts of particles passing the probe.
Excellent repeatability not affected by variations in relative humidity, process temperature or pressure.
Unique probe design with extended Ryton® insulator helps protect the unit from false signaling due to product build up.

Two Conduit Openings
Externally Viewable Bi-color LED Indication (Ord. Loc. Unit Only.)
Die-Cast Aluminum Housing

DuraVibe LED Indicator

Superior third party approval compliance
Ordinary and Hazardous location approvals - View Specifications
Intrinsically safe probe for ultimate hazardous location protection

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Principle of Operation




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Support Documents / SOFTWARE:

DustTrend ES Product Sheet

DustTrend ES & DustConfig Manuals

Application Questionnaire
2D Drawings & 3D Models - Registration Required

DustConfig Software


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Principle of Operation

AC Triboelectric technology has been used for broken bag detection for many years and is an accepted technology by the US EPA for dust particle emission detection (40 CFR Sec 63.1350).
The Triboelectric effect is based on particles interacting with an electrically isolated sensing probe. When moving particles pass in close proximity to the probe a very small electrical charge is transfered from the particulate to the probe. This electrical signal is then processed by the DustTrend® ES via a series of advanced algorithms. The signal processing filters out other electrical charges, or electrical ‘noise’, which is not representative of the moving particles. These proprietary algorithms effectively differentiate undesirable signals from the desirable signal resulting in reliable particle emissions detection.

The DustTrendTM ES is designed to provide a relative measurement of the concentration of dust within the exhaust air stream of a dust collection system and can also provide alarm outputs when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

Auto Set-up Feature:
Using the Auto Set-up method will automatically configure these parameters:

{ Running average of measured signal: 100 sec time constant default
{ 4mA: 0x measured value from Auto Set-up default
{ 20mA: 20x measured value from Auto Set-up default
{ Alarm-1 threshold: 5x measured value from Auto Set-up default
{ Alarm-2 threshold: 20x measured value from Auto Set-up default
{ Alarm delay, hold on: 30 sec default
{ Alarm delay, hold off: 30 sec default

The DustTrendTM ES provides 4-20mA Analog, Relay and/or RS-485 (Modbus) Digital outputs.


Typical target materials for this switch include, but are not limited to:

Feed and grain, food processing (flour, sugar, etc.), wood dust, cement, fly ash, foundries, mining and minerals, steel, ferrous or non-ferrous metals, silica dust, energy, plastics, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and more.

Provides monitoring of dust emission levels and early leak detection where it is critical to safety, maintenance,
equipment operation, cost-savings, reducing material loss, plant efficiency (energy-savings), good “housekeeping”,
employee welfare, environment, local regulations, etc.

Alternative to opacity detection.

The DustTrendTM ES provides trend monitoring and broken bag detection in the exhaust ducts of baghouses of various sizes, cartridge collectors, cyclones, and any other dust collector containing filters which may break or wear out. [See example below.]

Dust Monitoring in Dust Collector System
Application Example

Please note from the example, when placing the monitor allow for a distance of 3X to 5X the duct diameter both upstream & downstream from DustTrendTM ES or DustAlarm® ES to allow for ideal dispersion of particulate material.


Optional Quick-Connect Mounting Kits:

18-8007 Kit, Mounting, 1” Ferrule Tri-Clamp (Ferrule, Gasket and Clamp)

18-8009 Kit, Mounting, Convert Tri-Clamp to 3/4” NPT (Threaded Ferrule, Gasket and Clamp)

Probes and Probe Extensions:

Available solid coupling probe extensions to provide an additional 2" (51mm) to 24” (610mm) of probe length.

316 Stainless Steel probe standard length up to 20” (508mm).
[Customer specified probe lengths from 4.75” to 20”.]

(CSL) Custom Probe Length Measurements
(It is recommended to use a probe length that is 1/3 to 2/3 the diameter [or span] of the duct.)

Dust Monitor Probe Length

Click Here for Reference on How to Determine Overall Insertion Length for Customer Specified Legnths

Ordering Information

Part # - Description
1-2400 - Spanner Wrench, for Cover Removal / Install
18-8007 - Kit, Mounting, 1” Ferrule Tri-Clamp (Ferrule, Gasket and Clamp)
18-8009 - Kit, Mounting, Convert Tri-Clamp to 3/4” NPT (Threaded Ferrule, Gasket and Clamp)
18-0151-0 [Note 3] - Probe Extension, Solid Coupling, Customer Spec Length, 2" (51mm) through 24” (610mm)

1 The probe length signifies the overall insertion length including the insulator.
Required: Please provide specified length (CSL) for probe in inches at the end of
the product part #. CSL range is 4.75” minimum to 20” maximum.
(Example: 18-8411-111-12 for a 12” specified probe length.)
2 Tri-Clamp mounting kits sold separately. Please see “Accessories” section.
3 A standard probe is 20” (508mm) maximum in length. Probe extensions are used
to extend the standard dust monitor probe. Example: A standard probe ordered
with optional Part # 18-0151-0 with a Customer Specified Length (CSL) of 10” will
extend the probe by 10 additional inches. The custom length (CSL) must be provided
by the customer in addition to the Probe Extension Part #18-0151-0. For example:
#18-0151-0, CSL=10”.
A probe extension will normally be shipped with the device.

Click Here for Reference on How to Determine Overall Insertion Length for Customer Specified Legnths



Power Requirements:
95-240VAC (±10%), 50/60 Hz;
18-28VDC (±10%)

Power Consumption: ≤ 5VA (AC); ≤ 2.5W (DC)

Fuse Breaking Capacity: 1500A @ 250VAC;
(Haz-Loc Rating): 300A @ 30VDC

Altitude: 6,562 ft (2000m) max

Installation Category: II

Pollution Degree: 2

Process Temperature: Max: 392°F (200°C) at probe location. (CL ll)
Class III installations: Process temperature
must not exceed 325°F (164°C)

Starting Ambient Temp.: 4° to 149°F (-16° to 65°C)

Running Ambient Temp.: -22° to 149°F (-30° to 65°C)

Ambient Humidity: Max 95% RH, non-condensing

Sensitivity Range: from 0.0001 grains/ft3

Relay Outputs (2 Isolated SPDT):
3A @ 250VAC max each
3A @ 30VDC max each

Relay Setpoint:
Factory default-
Alarm-1: 5x ref value
Alarm-2: 20x ref value

Relay Threshold Range: 1,000,000,000 Max Units

Relay Time Delay:
0 to 60,000 sec
(30 sec factory default)

Sensitivity Range: From 0.1 mg/m3 (0.000044 grains/ft3); Max up to several g/m3 depending on application.

Fail-Safe State: Alarm

Digital Output, Hardware: RS-485 (3-wire, half duplex, isolated)
Digital Output, Protocol:
Modbus RTU
(Default serial:
Baud Rate: 38.4K
Data bits: 8
Parity: N
Stop Bits: 2)

Analogl Output:
4-20mA (self powered, isolated, 0-250 Ω loop)

Running Averaging:
0 to 6,553 sec time constant
(100 sec factory default)

Local Indicator:
Bi-color LED-
Green On = Power Applied
Green Flashing = Auto Setup
Red On = Pre-Alarm
Red Flashing = Alarm
Alternating Red / Green = Error
No Light = No Power

Conduit Connections: (2) 1/2” NPT

Powder coated die-cast aluminum;

Mounting: 1” Tri-Clamp Type Quick-Disconnect, 316 SS

Pressure: 87 psi maximum

Insulation Material: PPS (Ryton®)

Probe Material: 0.39” diameter, 316 Stainless Steel

Probe Length:
Cust. Specified Length - CSL:
4.75” (121mm) to 20” (508mm)
[Solid coupling extensions up to 24”
(610mm) available.]

Ship Dims & Weight:
35.5”Lx8”Wx8”H; 7 lbs Approx.
(902x203x203mm; 3.2kg Approx.)


Ordinary Locations;
Hazardous Locations with intrinsically
safe probe [Ex ia]
US/CAN: Class II, Division 1, Groups E,F,G
T85°C…T201°C -30°C≤Tamb≤+65°C
Class III T85°C…T165°C
US: Zone 20 AEx ia ta IIIC
T85°C…T201°C Da -30°C≤Tamb≤+65°C
CAN: Ex III 1D Ex ia ta IIIC T85°C…
T201°C Da -30°C≤Tamb≤+65°C X
Ex II 1D Ex ia ta IIIC
T85°C… T201°C Da -30C≤Tamb≤+65C X

CE Mark;


Monitor Technologies LLC warrants each DustTrendTM ES sensor to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for two (2) years from the date of purchase. The purchaser must notify Monitor of any defects within the warranty period, return the product intact, and prepay transportation charges. The obligation of Monitor Technologies LLC under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at its factory. This warranty does not apply to any product which is repaired or altered outside of Monitor Technologies’ factory, or which has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, incorrect wiring by others, or improper installation. Monitor Technologies LLC reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications without prior notice.


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