Grain Silo Level Indication Solution:
Economical High Level Sensing in Grain Storage Bins

Keep the cost low, but reliably detect the high level of grain in forty-five (45) storage bins. The lowest cost level indicator / sensor for this type of application is typically a Tilt Switch. In this application all bins are filled with a “broadcaster” device that facilitates the gentle handling of the grain to ensure individual kernel integrity.

As a result of using a device that fills the bins very gently and slowly, the level in the bin increases very gradually. This reduction in fill rate can prove problematic with tilt type switches as it may be possible to gradually engulf the switch rather than “tilt” it to activate the switch output. The surface area of the tilt switch had to be increased if it was to be activated by the material and tilted to an angle of 17 degrees that would activate it. Making a larger size tilt switch would not be economical.

Monitor recommended an attachment to its TC-3 tilt switch. This attachment was an “actuator” that consisted of an 8” diameter ball float attached from the bottom of the tilt switch with a short section of pipe. This proved to be the solution and also economical and reliable. Monitor can equip its tilt switches with ball float actuators to meet the application.

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