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Plastics Bin Level Measurement Solution:

Level Detection...Challenges Sensing Lightweight Polystyrene Flake Regrind in a Blending Hopper

Plastics Level SensorSITUATION:
A South Chicago Heights, IL manufacturer of portion packaging, primarily for dairy creamers, has had much difficulty sensing the high level in their blending hopper. The hopper contains polystyrene flake regrind that is very lightweight. They have not had success using proximity switches due to the low dielectric constant of the material and dust build-up. What can be used for point level monitoring with very light materials and in an environment where some dust also exists?

Materials too light for rotary paddle units (paddle may just turn and carve a hole in the material) and too light and dusty for proximity switches are usually problematic. Even capacitance probes with high sensitivity, such as the TrueCap® family from Monitor Technologies, may not be successful. Lightweight materials usually have very low dielectric constants, close to that of air, making sensing by RF capacitance methods difficult if not impractical. What will work on lightweight materials less than 5 or even 3lbs/ft³?

Vibratory Level Sensor in PlasticsSOLUTION:
Many plastic processors have this problem. Those that work with very lightweight materials, even dust, and any “flake” or “regrind” definitely can have this challenge. However, vibratory point level sensors with a single probe design (not tuning forks) tend to work very well in these applications, unless there is the possibility of very heavy build-ups but this isn’t very likely with very light materials. In this example the customer solved their problem of sensing polystyrene flake regrind by using the Model PZP vibratory point level sensor from Monitor Technologies.

The Model PZP uses state-of-the-art piezoelectric and electronic technologies to provide the ability to sense materials as light as 1.5lbs/ft³. The PZP also provides a relay output and is equipped with a universal power supply for AC or DC operation.
The PZP is a proven problem solver even for difficult challenges like very lightweight materials. The PZP is available in a wide range of probe configurations.

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