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Flexar® Continuous Level Systems Successful Whey Permeate Westway Feed Products

PROBLEM:Westway Feed
“I need to reliably and accurately know the level of my Whey Permeate tanks.  Accuracy is very important and the instruments must work reliably with the material being measured.  I tried thru-air radar units but the antenna became coated and the units would work erratically and required cleaning.  I need something plug-and-play”

Westway Feed Products processes Whey Permeate from a local cheese plant and ships it to other facilities, including the nearby ingredients processor.  Whey is used in a variety of ways (pun intended) for feed production.  Two of the three tanks at Westway contain Whey Permeate and one contains a liquid.  The two whey tanks are 28' diameter and 32' tall.  The tank for the liquid is 12' diameter and 20' high.  The two whey tanks can be circulated and the flow is metered and monitored using highly accurate Coriolis mass flowmeters.  Once the liquid is added and the tanks circulated, the solids content is typically around 40%.  The processed Whey Permeate is then either pumped into trucks for delivery to feed production facilities or it is pumped to the local International Ingredients facility.  International Ingredients dries the whey to create a whey solid that resembles cottage cheese.  This material is further processed by grinding the dried material into a powder, which is then stored in bins for bagging or bulk shipment.  Whey is a valuable commodity and is added to a variety of Installed Flexar™animal feeds.  The level sensing in each of the Whey Permeate tanks and the liquid tank needed to be reliable and accurate.

Tom Campbell of Socorro Design investigated Flexar® and the applications were evaluated and approved by Monitor Technologies. The units shipped within a couple of weeks of receiving the order at Monitor and installation was arranged for quickly by Socorro Design and Westway.  Ross Jamison, Regional Manager for Monitor Technologies, was able to be on site to check the installation and help make sure the start-up went off without a hitch.  It did!  For the mechanical installation it was decided to install a 1-1/2" NPT coupling in the top of the tanks.  The existing stand-offs or nozzles used to install the ABM thru-air radar units were considered, but not pursued for Flexar installation as they did not meet the nozzle design requirements for guided wave radar.  The installation of the 1-1/2" NPT couplings went quick and was easy.  The wiring from the existing failed ABM units were used for Flexar and worked fine. 

Installed Flexar™All three (3) Flexar units worked fine right from the start.  Ross Jamison was able to help out with the quick setup on the Flexar displays and the Flexar units were inserted and installed with material still in the tanks.  Once everything for the start-up was completed Tom Campbell of Socorro Design got back on top of the tanks and checked the level and they were found to be "dead on".  Everyone was very happy and pleased with the Flexar units and their simple installation.  The level readings are connected to an A-B Panelview inside the facility.  The entire process of loading and unloading the whey tanks will be automated and the level readings from Flexar are key.  More installations like this will be considered by Westway using Flexar in the future.

A-B Panelview inside FactoryFlexar is a guided wave radar continuous level sensor.  Distance/level is measured by the time-of-flight of the reflection of a microwave signal (transmitted down the wave-guide, which is the cable or rod probe) off the material surface.  For more information refer to or the continuous level product section within the Monitor Technologies LLC website

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Spotlight: RF Capacitance Level Sensor
TrueCap Level SensorsTrueCap Light  
TrueCap® MK-2
Advanced RF Capacitance Level Probe

The TrueCap® Model MK-2 RF Capacitance point level probe is designed to provide a superior and stable sensitivity threshold making it suitable for a variety of powder / bulk solids and some liquid or slurry applications.

Advanced features of the Model MK-2 include:
> Automatic immunity to material build-up on the probe by its driven shield design
> Push-button calibration
> Enhanced temperature compensation
> Maximized reliability via smart sensing algorithms like “self-validating” fail-safe protection
> Visible status LED on ordinary location units
> Versatility through a variety of configuration options including: hazardous location version, split architecture design, quick-connect process connection, stub probe, cable extensions, solid extensions, Nylon® probes, Ryton® - equiv. probes, etc.

A practical application for the TrueCap would be to use this level sensor where a residual material build-up on a different sensor would cause a false material level indication.

Principle of Operation for the TrueCap RF Capacitance Level Probe:
The vessel wall and the active probe element establish an impedance reference between each other when exposed to air which has a dielectric constant of 1. When materials with a dielectric constant greater than 1 are in close proximity to the probe, the impedance of the sensing field between the sensor and the vessel wall will change. Once the amount of change exceeds a threshold that was electronically determined during the calibration process, an output relay will either be energized or de-energized depending upon the position of the fail-safe selector on the probe’s electronic circuit board. A change of as little as .5 pico-farad is all that is necessary for the probe to sense the presence of material.

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