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Cement Level Measurement Solution:

RF Capacitance Cable Extension Unit More Rugged For Level Detection of Aggregates, Concrete, Ready Mix Cement

“I need to monitor the presence of material level at a high point without the unit being damaged by the shifting of heavy aggregate material”. Typical to any ready mixed concrete batch plant there is a continuous need to reliably monitor the level of raw ingredients. Some of the stone aggregates included into concrete mix are bulky and heavy. A level monitor with a rigid sensing element, such as a solid rod extended rotary paddle unit, can be damaged.

Ready mixed concrete batch plants do exactly what their name implies. They take the basic components needed to form concrete, i.e. sand, rock and cement powder, and batch them together for loadout into concrete trucks. Concrete is used as a versatile construction material and there are literally tens of thousands of batch plants around North America.

Relative to the storage silos the concrete batch hoppers are rather small and elevated so that trucks can pass underneath for loading. In operation, trucks pass underneath the batch hopper and the ingredients are batched directly into the trucks. As the batching progresses the hopper’s contents are quickly drawn down and need frequent replenishment. It isn’t unusual for am automated batch plant to know the exact number of batches the hoppers can facilitate. As this number approaches the process of filling the hoppers from the large storage silos begins. As the hoppers approach a full condition something is required to detect this full condition and stop the filling process. This is where point level detection is used.

The TrueCap® Models MK-2 and 2e are ideal for these applications. The flexible cable extension probe available with the TrueCap product line eliminates this problem. When material shifts the cable probe it flexes right along, thereby eliminating the damaging effect caused by shifting material.

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