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Florida Industrial Supply provides bulk storage material handling systems throughout the Florida area. We specialize in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, building materials and plastics. Together with our manufacturing partners we streamline your production with the most cost effective equipment offering you the best solution.



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Paul & Flo

Paul Neu
Originally from Minnesota where I got my start as an outside sales engineer.  I moved to Florida in 1999 where I began working for Florida Industrial Supply.  I’ve been involved with designing, layout, and sales of systems with companies such as Kraft Food, GE, LaFarge, and many more.  My hands on approach has been an asset to me for understanding the problems that occur in manufacturing facilities.  My hobbies are golfing, fishing, and being with my grandchildren. 
In January, 2009, my wife and I took over the company with the goal in mind to continue the success of our rep firm.  We have hired two other sales engineers to cover parts of Florida, as I cover the northern part.  My wife, Flo, is doing the bookkeeping and accounts payroll.